Back Pain Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence

World leading authority Sarah Key provides self-help relief without surgery

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Relief from back pain is now at your finger tips with this extensive resource from one of the world's leading physiotherapists. 

Sarah Key's back exercises and supplementary information provide clear and simple explanations, with easy to implement solutions for painful backs and their related problems. Her plain language provides hope, creates wellbeing and will  finish the endlessly dispiriting odyssey of searching for miracle cures, professional door knocking and doctor shopping.

Sarah's free information on this site and take home products will:
     *help you understand the cause of the problem.
     *explain how you can manage the pain.
     *provide simple self-treatment solutions.

What Is Simple Back Pain?

'Simple' back pain is the term used by doctors and scientists when there's no demonstrable evidence to account for the painful symptoms. Up to 90% of cases that present with lower back problems fall into this category and this could include you. If you hear similar terms like ‘non-specific back pain' or 'back pain of unknown aetiology', these are also interchangeable and refer to the same condition.  

Using a BackBlock (see image below) is a principal feature of the Sarah Key Method. The 3-step exercises used with the BackBlock are also known as Pressure Change Therapy or PCT. 

“Sarah is undoubtedly one of the most charming, insightful and inspiring people I have met. After a lifetime of learning and developing her methods I hope she is able expand her teachings as far and wide as possible and to leave a positive stamp on the chronicles of relief from bank discomfort.” 
Daniel Lawrence, Physiotherapist. 

The Cause Of Your Painful Symptoms

Start with Sarah's unique classification of all Spine Disorders to get to know what's wrong. She provides you with a simple to follow overview of the group your back and related pain  fits into and, more importantly, how fixable you are. 

The Cause Of Back Pain

Skeleton with a highlighted spine

The longer the original trigger for back pain is allowed to continue, the less it becomes reversible and you become less able to work your way out of it.

This article helps you to understand the causes of your back and related discomfort in a non-technical way and the good news is that in 90% of cases there is much you can do.

Exercises For Sciatica

Man gripping leg with sciatica pain

Sciatica - or pain in the leg caused by trouble in the back, can be one of the most persistently crippling forms of pain from the lower back. You don't always need a medical practitioner but even if you do, the sciatica relief exercises on this page will contribute to a strong recovery.

Spinal Scoliosis Facts

X-Ray of a crooked spine (Spinal Scoliosis)

Spinal scoliosis or 'crooked' spine is probably the most common of the congenital spine disorders although it does have a remarkably wide range of severity.

This article focusses on physical therapy for scoliosis with some highly effective 'spinal unbending' techniques. Also read about how to strengthen your spine to ward off further crumpling.

Spinal Decompression

Animated image of spine being compressed

Spinal Decompression is my fundamental form of self treatment and is a strong basis for the ongoing prevention and relief of back and related discomfort. We need to all do these exercises simply because we are weighed down by the ever-present compressive forces of gravity! Gravity squashes the daylights out of lumbar discs and this decompression therapy deals with that.

Surgery and Exercise To Help The Lower Back

Lumbar spine highlighting the lower section

Meet Sarah

Sarah Key has been a principal figure in the field of clinical Physiotherapy for over 40 years.

Sarah Key

A best selling author, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, wrote the forward to her best-seller, Back Sufferers Bible.

Her famous Backblock has brought relief from pain and the related back problems for thousands of users and her online Masterclasses for graduate physiotherapists, her websites and downloadable Video Library, has positively impacted on sufferers from all corners of the globe.

An Honorary Fellow of the University of Salford, UK, Sarah privately treats patients in both Australia and the UK.

She was made a Member of The Victorian Order by Her Majesty The Queen in 2003 for her contribution to Physiotherapy, and is a world famous author of 6 books, available on Amazon. Read more...

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