Are YOU suffering from back pain?

Physiotherapist Sarah Key Has Answers

Simple back pain can stop you in your tracks and when it does, you want answers. 
Understanding back pain is half the cure, and self-treatment can be all-empowering.
Proper knowledge and simple strategies can deliver sufferers from an endlessly dispiriting odyssey; searching for miracle cures, professional door knocking and doctor shopping.

Meet Sarah key

Sarah Key MVO

Sarah is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Salford, UK
For her Physiotherapy activities, she was made a
Member of The Victorian Order by Her Majesty The Queen in 2003  

Sarah Key is the founder and director of Sarah Key Global (Australia) Pty Ltd and a principal figure in the world of clinical Physiotherapy. For over 40 years, through her books, her famous BackBlock, her Masterclasses for graduate physiotherapists, her iPhone App, her websites and downloadable Video Library, Sarah reaches out to people in all corners of the globe struggling with back pain. She also treats patients in both Australia and the UK.

In fact, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales gives his perspective on the Sarah Key Method from a patient's perspective in a foreword he wrote for one of her books Back Sufferers' Bible. You can't get a better endorsement than that.

You can read that foreword here

So what is ‘simple' back pain?

'Simple' back pain is the term used by doctors and scientists when there's no demonstrable evidence to account for the pain. Up to 90% of cases of lower back pain fall into this category. The umbrella terms of ‘non-specific back pain' or 'back pain of unknown aetiology' are also interchangeable in referring to the same condition.  Read more on Sarah's published papers on a proposed background cause of simple back pain.

Using a BackBlock is a principal feature of the Sarah Key Method. These important 3-step back pain exercises are also known as Pressure Change Therapy or PCT.

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Causes of Back Pain
Those of you who have read Sarah Key's 'Back Sufferers' Bible' will know of her classification of developmental lumbar disorders into 5 stages of breakdown that develop over time. You can read all about why 90% of you might be getting pain ~ and how very easily reversible your problem may be at this first stage. 

lumbar spine

I have also classified all Spine Disorders into the categories of developmental (or degenerative), inflammatory, congenital and traumatic. Read about your group here and, more importantly, how fixable you are.

Sciatica, or pain in the leg caused by trouble in the back, can be one of the most persistently crippling forms of lower back pain. You can read here all about the causes and what you can do about it. 

Spinal scoliosis or 'crooked' spine is probably the most common of the congenital spine disorders. Read about some highly effective 'spinal unbending' techniques. Also read about how to strengthen your spine to ward off further crumpling ~ and the back pain this causes.  

Spinal Decompression is my most fundamental form of self treatment. We need it simply because we are all weighed down throughout the day by the ever-present compressive forces of gravity. Gravity squashes the daylights out of lumbar discs. Spinal decompression deals with that.

Take yourself through the various different exercise as you self treat your own back, starting from appeasing your spine and taking it out of crisis, through to more pro-active exercises such as spinal decompression, and finally, spinal strengthening so you can bend properly & move freely again.

It's not always possible to avoid Back Surgery but here is a general rundown of the state of play in this area. 

Prevention is better than cure any day. This is a general section on the do's and dont's of getting along through life without back pain, particularly in these modern days of the computer age. 

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