6 Exercises for Back Pain
In Tall People


1. Straightening the spine out of a forward stoop

2. Strengthening the spine at high waist level

3. Strengthening the shoulder blade retractor muscles, the rhomboids

Graphic 6 Exercises for Back Pain

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Sarah Key's back pain exercises for tall people are also good for anyone with upper back pain, or back muscle pain in the lower thoracic area. In one short video, you will understand why you have pain and then you will learn a simple regimen to help you straighten and strengthen to get yourself out of pain.

Because it emanates amid ships, pain in the middle back can be practically more debilitating than any other type of back pain

Work Postures Are Particularly Difficult for Tall People

Stooped computer posture, man sitting at a desk in front of a computer

It's common nowadays to see people working like this for hours on end

Many tall people have back problems. But the main causes of middle back pain are the stooped postures necessary because everybody else in the world is so short! The rest of us suffer similar pain in the upper back from being hunched over computers and mobile phones so much of the day. Working on the computer in bed is a common cause of pain in the middle back and the high lumbar area. 

Tall people may also develop a sway back (called lordosis of the spine) from weak abs muscles. In turn, this may cause lower back pain from the forward pelvic tilt making the lower facet joints bear too much load.

Girl sitting in bed with laptop

Working propped up in bed is common enough. Trouble is, it causes lower back pain and middle back pain

Sarah's video-to-keep shows you invaluable upper back strengthening exercises
to make you stand tall and straighter

In this easy-listening 20 minute video you will be face to face with Sarah Key as she explains in her inimitable style - so easy for lay people to understand - why the biomechanics of being tall are so different. It's easier to do exercises for your back pain when you understand why.

The tall people's regimen starts with basic back pain exercises for beginners and progress to a strenuous back muscle strengthening program. They also include important spine stretching exercises, necessary for getting the spine straighter. However, it is the spine strengthening - upper back strengthening exercises in particular - that improve your posture; getting you standing straighter, holding your shoulders back, tummy in. Standing tall with pride and free of pain. 

Sarah's 'Angles Routine' Video of Exercises for Back Pain
Starts Easily enough . . . and Gets Difficult

Silhouette of people stretching taller in mountain pose

Believe it or not, for a tall person going taller, this 'reach for the sky' yoga posture (extended mountain pose) is one of the best for back pain in tall people

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