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As well as masses of useful information, Sarah Key's sciatica treatment video shows you how to use the Ma Roller and BackBlock to relieve leg pain caused by a back problem. With acute sciatica particularly this is a delicate matter, so it's important to take the time to watch carefully. Both devices are highly effective but must be used judiciously: over-enthusiastic sciatica treatment can make you worse! 

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This Sciatica Treatment Video Shows you How The Ma Roller & the backBlock Help Free The Nerve Root

Though mobilising with the Ma Roller can be excruciatingly painful it is highly effective in softening adhesions so they can be absorbed by the bloodstream.  See also the short YouTube clip below to get you started (although this clip is not sciatica-specific). 

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Sarah's sciatica treatment video shows you how lying draped backwards over the BackBlock exerts traction on the spinal cord, helping to work the nerve root free where it is tethered to the bone, or to the facet capsule, by adhesions. 

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