If you have lower back pain, this book is something you can carry with you. It is a simplified version of Sarah Key's more comprehensive 'Back Sufferers' Bible'. You will see from the reviews that some say it's all you need. 

The pocket guide is co-written by London physiotherapist Vicky Roberts. It brings with it and accessibility and lightheartedness that make it all seem possible; the cure that is. All the illustrations are annotated and easy to follow, so that Sarah Key's exercises become second nature. 

The Pocket Guide has extra tips that anybody with a lower back problem needs to know, and that you almost cannot hear too often. The importance of bending properly is a good example. 

There's also a couple of tips not discussed in Back Sufferers' Bible, such as gardening and the difference between pushing and pulling heavy objects. It's all here if you're going to take seriously your back pain self treatment. 

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