'Body in Action'
By Sarah Key

For anybody with aches and pains and creaky joints this easy-to-read book shows you what you can do yourself. It's an invaluable self-help manual to keep your skeleton healthy at all its joints, showing you how to spot the first signs of musculo-skeletal wear and tear - and how to weigh right on in and reverse them. 

Sarah Key's Body in Action

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'Body in Action' is the book you need to keep your joints Young

'Body in Action' shows you how the muscles, joints, and bones work and describes in detail - all that seems obvious once you know - how certain movement patterns can dominate a joint, making it less free in certain directions and leading to joint chafing and breakdown.

Shoulder Joint

'Body In Action' is uplifting to read. It shows you the sheer genius of human joints and how, by freeing them from the prison of repetitive movements, you avoid wearing out a narrow track of joint cartilage from bone against bone. It provides comprehensive and unbelievably helpful therapeutic information on: 

Low Back

Thoracic spine









Self Treatments focus on Combating Stiffness and Pain

This book has developed its own unique following, especially amongst yoga teachers and massage therapists keen to help their own patients. 


  • Simple, single line drawings of all the body's major joints

  • Highlights the way each joint functions when it's working well

  • Explains each joint's accessory (hidden) movements critical for health

  • First signs of movement loss typical of each joint

  • Common musculo-skeletal disorder for each joint

  • Typical signs and symptoms of each disorder

  • Best stretches to combat joint breakdown

  • Stretches classified into easy, intermediate and advanced

  • Pitfalls of each exercise, so you do them properly

Sarah Key's exercises to keep your joints young are disarmingly simple yet highly complex. At a glance you will see how she emphasises all the non-function joint movements - that is actions that rarely contribute to everyday activity - as therapy, and how this keeps the joints well-balanced, loose and juicy. And pain-free of course!

Readers love 'Body in Action'!

Here are a couple of typical readers' reviews:

"I resisted buying this book for several months having already read quite a few relating to joint problems, most of which describe joint anatomy and problems in a very similar way. This book is different and I am very glad I eventually bought it. Sarah Key explains joint problems so much more clearly than other writers. She is also a very good writer. Her first page made me smile at the mental pictures she created. You know reading this book that every word has been chosen with care. I am surprised she is less cautious than other writers about the exercises she recommends, having been used to the standard words of warning in other self-help books, but I suppose she is crediting the readers with a certain intelligence. The message that we can reverse the effects of fairly major degeneration is a very welcome one."

"I wish I'd found this book twenty years ago. I no longer need to sit down to put my socks on in the morning. Using the back block method really works, I'm 66 and was feeling that I was on the down-hill run, expecting my joints to just deteriorate. I've been doing the back exercises for three weeks now, morning and night and I'm now so much more flexible and pain free. Puts a whole new meaning on life."

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Sarah Key's Keep Your Joints Young

In the UK, 'Body in Action' goes by the name of 'Keep Your Joints Young'. It is exactly the same book.

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