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This comprehensive Causes of Back Pain Video Package shows Sarah face-to-face providing short but highly informative explanations, with illustrating slides, to make the whole business of understanding back pain that much easier.

There a few things more complicated than the human spine. Its highly sophisticated 3-D spinal anatomy of nooks and crannies and nearby nerves make it very difficult to get the picture. And, if you are to understand what's gone wrong to start with, and what's causing your acute or chronic back pain, first you must have some sort of idea about the way a spine works when it works properly. 

The following causes of back pain videos take you through the spinal anatomy, the normal physiological processes of the intervertebral disc and most importantly of all, how these robust and hardworking spinal shock absorbers keep themselves maintained and in good health. Because it is these processes up-regulated that provide the basis for therapy to cure back pain.


  • The Basics of the Way a Human Spine Works
  • Why a Spinal Segment Starts Causing Pain
  • Sustained Compression Causes Spinal Breakdown
  • The Stages of Spinal Breakdown Following Disc Dehydration
  • The Trouble with Sitting

How a Healthy Spine Works 
describes how the spine operates as a whole; how it should stack in a 'S' curve to make it ride as effortlessly as possible and how it absorbs shock. It also describes a typical spinal segment, both the weight-bearing part at the front, through the intervertebral discs and the brick-like vertebral bodies, and the facet joints at the back whose job it is to hook the spinal segments together. This video is 43 MB in size and runs for 22 minutes.  Watch the sample of this video above.   

Why a Spinal Segment Causes Pain
shows how the beginnings of change start creeping in as an intervertebral disc progressively loses water and hence mobility, making it less able to expand and contract with movement. Sarah explains how all discs have a tensile outer 'skin' which is highly sensitive to the cumulative assault of innocuous everyday activities. You will see it all makes sweet logical sense. It is 47MB and runs for 20 minutes. 

Stages of Spinal Breakdown Following Disc Dehydration.
These changes play out as the lumbar discs lose water and dehydrate by being compressed over a long period, usually through sedentary Western lifestyles and rigidly constrained and repetitive work postures. This 50MB video running over 20 minutes shows how the facet joints may become trapped and start causing pain too, and how in some instances a spinal segment can become progressively less stable as the disc loses pressure.

Sustained Compression Causes Spinal Breakdown.
In this 
38MB video that runs for 16 minutes Sarah explains how excessive downward compressive forces through the spine squeeze fluid from the discs and also throttles down all their internal metabolic activity. The compression smothers the discs, making them sluggish; indeed barely alive! Understanding this makes understanding back pain and its genesis easier ~ and why spinal decompression is such an important part of back pain self-treatment.

The Trouble with Sitting is an important addition in this package of back pain videos. Sitting is our nemesis. All of us do, a lot of the time. Sitting squashes the life out of the lumbar intervertebral discs, evacuating fluid and making the lower back more brittle. Sarah explains how best we should sit to minimise these ill-effects. It's very important viewing. This a 36MB file that runs for 16 minutes. 

Settle in, relax, and take your time absorbing the flow of information

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