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"This is a superb book. 
It is beautifully written in an informative no-nonsense style that is sure to benefit all those in the musculoskeletal professions. Every patient considering spinal surgery should read 'Be Careful About Back Surgery'. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 
I have been an osteopath for 26 years and witnessed many patients, particularly those with private medical care, seeking premature spinal surgery before giving the conservative route enough time"  GCG

Before You commit to Back Surgery READ THIS!

When a horrible back problem becomes an increasing blight on your life it's easy to believe that back surgery could be the ultimate quick fix. It becomes increasingly alluring to think you can simply 'cut out the pain' and get on with your life.


The literature surrounding a lot of the new spinal implants and artificial disc replacements is often misleadingly simplistic, with no information about the downside. The human spine is a highly sophisticated mechanical structure and spinal surgery is no silver bullet.

If you are at the sad impasse of feeling increasingly desperate this small e-book on back surgery is a must read. In language the man in the street can understand Sarah Key discusses the spinal conditions most suitable for back surgery and the different forms of surgical intervention. By providing the typical signs and symptoms of cases that probably do need to go to surgery, she makes it possible for you to decide whether you are beyond help through conservative therapies.

'be careful about back surgery' 
by sarah key

Be Careful About Back Surgery
This tiny new e-book on back surgery is available on Kindle. it will give you all the facts you need to make up your own mind.

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Table of Contents of Sarah's Back Surgery Ebook.

Back Surgery Ebook

Did You Know?

A study by The School of Public Health at the University of Washington has shown how there's been a steadily rising trend towards back surgery in the past 20 years, with a sharp increase after 1996 when the FDA approved the use of intervertebral cages.

Lumber Fusion Volumes Chart

Intervertebral cages are an early form of disc replacement which simply act as spinal spacers to keep two spinal vertebrae apart after a problem disc in between is removed. The cage is then packed out with bone chips to help the two vertebrae join together to make a spinal fusion.

The Sarah Key e-Book explains spinal fusions in greater detail, particularly the specific indications for this procedure, and the pitfalls that may lead to adverse outcomes. 

Of greater concern is the rising incidence of back surgery for degenerative spinal conditions, since it has never been the case that you can turn the clock back on ageing. Surgery can never be the panacea for complex changes that go with degenerative breakdown ~ especially in a structure as mechanically complex and sophisticated as the human spine ~ yet today this is what most back surgery these days is attempting to do. 

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Lumber Fusions Volumes by Primary Diagnosis Chart

'Be Careful About Back Surgery' Table of Contents

1: Indications for spinal surgery

  • Is Spine Surgery the Silver Bullet?
  • The Cardinal Rule in The Yes-or-No to Surgery?
  • The Degenerative Cascade of Spine Disorders Explained 

2. Indications for disc resection for degenerative disc disease

  • What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?
  • Defining Signs and Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Possible Adverse Outcomes from Disc Resection for Degenerative Disc Disease
  • The Broad Principles of Post-Operative Management after Disc Resection 

3. Indications for surgical fusion for segmental instability

  • What is Segmental or Spinal Instability?
  • Defining Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Instability
  • Possible Adverse Outcomes from Spinal Fusion Surgery for Instability
  • Broad Principles of Post-Operative Management after Spinal Fusion 

4. Indications for laminectomy/discectomy for disc prolapse

  • What is Acute Disc Prolapse?
  • Defining Signs and Symptoms of Acute Disc Prolapse
  • Possible Adverse Outcomes from Back Surgery for Acute Disc Prolapse
  • The Broad Principles of Post-Operative Management of Laminectomy and Discectomy 

5. Indications for decompression surgery for spinal stenosis

  • What Is Spinal Stenosis?
  • Defining Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis
  • Possible Adverse Outcomes from Surgical Decompression for Spinal Stenosis
  • Broad Principles of Post-Operative Management of Surgical Decompression for Stenosis 

6. A final word . . .

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