Lower Back Strengthening Exercises 
A Back pain Video for a Weak Back 

Do you have a back that feels weak, a back that gives way, or that gives you nasty jabs of pain when you least expect? This lower back strengthening exercises video will take you carefully through the do's and don'ts of strengthening a weak back.

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Although it's understandable to want to do something pro-active in the way of exercises if your back feels weak, it's important to know what you're doing. To avoid making things worse it's important to understand the anatomy of the back - and what each muscle does. Sarah explains why you shouldn't just pick up exercises here and there willy-nilly. 


  • The different causes of lower back weakness
  • How the intervertebral disc dehydrates as it degenerates
  • How disc dehydration causes loss of disc pressure
  • The syndrome of 'spinal instability'
  • All about the important deep spinal muscle 'multifidus'
  • What the 'bad' lower back exercises are
  • The 5 grades of lower back strengthening 
  • Exactly how you do each exercise so as not to cause harm
  • The use of the Roman Chair
  • The usual ways these exercises are done wrongly

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