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Using the 'Ask Sarah' function on SarahKeyPhysiotherapy
September 30, 2013

Using the 'Ask Sarah' function

Hi everybody. At last!

Here I am.

I won't be doing a full blown newsletter, at least not for the moment. First of all, I just want to communicate with you about using both this site and the other site

I'm trying my best to keep up with the 'Ask Sarah' function although it does entail a lot of work!

I just want to say here that there is a very good 'Search' function on www.simple which is really easy peasy to use.

If you try this option first, most probably I have covered your query in the masses of pages already up on this site.

Not that I don't like hearing from you! I love hearing from you . . . . but I'm anxious that a lot of my responses may be repetitive.


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