Sitting To Avoid Back Pain Video


In this video 'Sitting to Avoid Back Pain' Sarah Key explains how excessive sitting actually causes a back problem, and also why it's so painful to sit when your back is bad

The Contents of The Sitting to Avoid Back Pain Video Are:

  • Modern sitting is often slumped, static and prolonged
  • Lengthy periods of sitting amounts to 'sustained loading' on the base of the spine
  • Spinal health is all about enough water in the intervertebral discs
  • Prolonged sitting affects various biosynthetic activities of the discs
  • Fluid loss from discs is influenced by sitting postures
  • Why sitting causes pain
  • Slumped sitting has other ill-effects
  • The secrets to better sitting
  • The hard and fast rules
  • Travelling and sitting
  • The best and worst chairs

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