Treating Unilateral Sacralisation Video
(Bertolotti's Syndrome)

This Sarah Key video for treating unilateral sacralisation (Bertolotti's Syndrome) explains the biomechanical consequences of full and partial fusion in this congenital anomaly at the base of the spine. It also describes the different effects of unilateral and bilateral sacralisation.


The Contents of This Treating Unilateral Sacralisation Video

  • What Is Sacralisation?
  • Central and Transverse Sacralisation
  • Unilateral and Bilateral Sacralisation
  • Partially and Fully Fused Sacralisation
  • A Pseudarthrosis
  • Where you Might Feel the Pain
  • What is Lumbarisation?
  • What Are the Ill-Effects of Lumbarisation
  • How Best To Treat Partial Sacralisation
  • Direction Contact Mobilisation of the Partially Sacralised Pseudarthrosis
  • Self Treatment of the Partially Sacralised Pseudarthrosis
  • Stretching Mobilisation Techniques for a Pseudarthrosis
  • Surgical Resection of the Partially Sacralised Pseudarthrosis
  • A 15 Minute Self Treatment Regime for Partial Sacralisation

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