yoga for back pain Relief

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Yoga for back pain relief is extremely gratifying. It's just about the ideal therapy for self treatment. Following on from spinal mobilisation and do-it-yourself spinal decompression yoga has the potential to take you into another orbit of your recovery.

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  • Balance length and strength of the body's muscles and tendons
  • Make the tissues more supple by getting rid of 'the fuzz'
  • Restore hidden accessory joint movement
  • Help force fluid through the joints' hyaline cartilage
  • Help with broader goals of balance & coordination
  • Help with mental focus
  • Restore a sense of wellbeing 

A progressive yoga regime from therapeutic yoga, to a beginners' class and then advanced yoga is the best long-term strategy for lower back pain management. There are over 7,000 yoga postures and a seemingly endless gradient from easy to complex - and again, a seemingly endless scope for improvement over many years. 

The book below (known as 'Body in Action' in the USA and Australia) is a study in how yoga can enhance the function of each joint, including the spinal joints.


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One of 50 Reader's Reviews, August 2016

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Some of the most effective yoga for back pain helps by making you sideline your habitual brakes on activity ~ usually there by dint of habit and automatic protective mechanisms. Often, these habits of restraint keep you locked in territory that keeps your pain keeping on. Some of the simplest, least demanding poses can focus your thoughts away from your back in the most emancipating way. 

Focusing on breathing and relaxation is an important part of yoga for relief of back pain. The wave-like rhythm of breathing-induced relaxation eases the wires of tension (and pain). It does this by taking your awareness to other parts of the body; focusing on how they work and what they feel like. This helps peel back the layers of stiffness that hold the body rigid; the mind as much as tight soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) that keep the pain locked in.

The very variety and awkward postures in yoga - from gently therapeutic to advanced 'asanas' - can approach a back from another direction and release it

Yoga for back Pain Exercises

Although peaceful periods and mindfulness can greatly reduce your pain, there are some simple lumbar exercises that work physically to ease your back pain and go well beyond breathing and relaxation.

Some of the most effective yoga for back pain are the standing poses that seem to use everything but your back! It’s as if the pose is so demanding it requires the whole body rising to the challenge and the back having to fall into line as a co-helper, instead of remaining the look-at-me prima donna it usually is.

In short, a yoga workout for lower back pain often works by discombobulating the bullyboy lower back muscles into mute compliance, thus allowing you a brief window through which you might escape.

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Effects of Yoga Versus Walking on Mood, Anxiety and Brain GABA Levels

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