back pain exercises video package

Sarah Key's instantly downloadable 'Back Pain Exercises Video Package' shows Sarah demonstrating how to use her famous BackBlock and explaining why you need it and how it works. This video package used to be available in four parts under the title 'How To Use the BackBlock'.  

There is a lot of information here, directed to people who really want to understand their problem - but more to the point, people who don't want to be fobbed off again with dumbed-down information-lite about the whole subject. 

Video 1  The Anatomy of the Back: Implications for Causes of Back Pain (8.02 Minutes)

Video 2  Lower Back Pain Treatment You Can Do Yourself  (8.05 minutes)

Video 3  Exercises For Low Back Pain: Starting from Scratch Using a BackBlock  (9.13 mins)

Video 4  Upper Back Pain Exercises and Other Back Stretching Exercises  (9.40 minutes)

The total of 4 downloadable clips in this package runs for over 40 minutes.

The total size 304MB and may take over 10 minutes to download.


What's In the Back Pain Exercises Videos?

video 1 - The Anatomy of the Back - Implications for the Causes of Lower Back Pain

Learn how the structure of your spine plays a part in the cause of your back pain.  Sarah explains how everything fits together and how getting enough fluid through the discs is essential for a healthy back.

video 2 - Lower Back Pain Treatment You Can Do Yourself

Here Sarah outlines how treatment in many respects is simply interrupting the ever-present forces of spinal compression which is something we're all doing a lot of the time with the amount of sitting we do. What the academics call 'sustained loading' smothers the discs and reduces their metabolic repair processes, while at the same time it forces discal fluids out and makes the spine more brittle. Sarah explains how important it is to reverse these processes simply by putting the body into the opposite 'anti-sitting' posture for a period of time every day. The first basics of self treatment's as simple as that.

Video 3 - Exercises For Low Back Pain: Starting from Scratch Using a BackBlock

Here you can see Sarah herself on the floor quietly going through the 3 steps of the BackBlock decompression routine for the lower back. You will be struck by the lack of haste and force here as the repetitive rhythm of each exercise sort of blends into the next in a gentle continuum of movement.

Sarah will explain how this is the key to success, both in relaxing the defensive clench of the spinal muscles and allowing the sponge-like discs to suck in and push out fluid in an enhanced nutrient exchange. You will hear her say, more than once: there's no hurry here.

video 4 - Upper Back Pain Exercises and Other Back Stretching Exercises

Video 4 is a recap of the BackBlock under the lower back, showing you the 'legs passing' exercise; a different way of strengthening the lower abdominals and also a clever way of helping to switch off over-activity (spasm) of the back muscles.

It also shows you how to use the BackBlock under the upper back, which is increasingly important in the modern era of day-long computer usage. These back stretching exercises also include the 'angel's wings' to stretch the shoulders, the pectoral muscles at the front of the chest and the intercostal muscles between the ribs that are often the cause of upper chest pain when breathing. 

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