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Before getting into the back pain treatment videos to finally divest yourself of your chronic back problem, it's important to get yourself out of acute pain. You can set this in motion by watching the "Back Pain Relief Video Package". You can't move ahead until you've calmed things down. You can't run before you can walk. 

One of the defining features of a longstanding or chronic back problem is its propensity to lapse in and out of crisis phases. Often, for what seems no reason at all - sleeping on a softer bed perhaps - it will start getting stiff and painful to bend again. It is important to calm this before you can resume, or move ahead to more proactive spinal decompression exercises. This calming is called 'spinal appeasing'.

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This package consists of 3 instantly downloadable videos:

  • Appeasing a Spine in Crisis
  • How to Appease your Spine
  • Dealing with Pain: The Mind Matters

Appeasing The Spine
When you suddenly can't bend and your spine becomes painfully wonky again its cause is a temporary muscle imbalance. Your long back muscles have become over-active, giving you nasty painful grabs as you go to move, as the abdominal or core muscles are staying switched off. Restoring properly coordinated control here will get you out of acute back pain. This back pain relief video is called Appeasing a Spine in Crisis.  It is 17MB in size and 7 minutes long. 

How To Do Spinal Appeasing
In this video How to Appease Your Spine Sarah gets down on the floor and takes you through the process herself; showing you the all-important exercises for how to relieve back pain. Most people do these exercises far too vigorously. Only by seeing the master doing it can you appreciate the gentle rhythm and rate and subtleness of the whole thing. It's this that calms the spine. At 35MB in size and 15 minutes long, this is the most important of the back pain relief videos.  

The Mind Matters
If there's one emotion that hampers recovery it's fear. Fear creates excessive guarding and paucity of movement. Fear makes the back like a malevolent alter ego. In Dealing with Pain: The Mind Matters Sarah explains how protecting your back allows it to dominate. She also explains how your brain influences how much pain you feel. The 'brain decides the pain'. Its size is 20MB and it runs for 6 minutes. 

Settle in, relax, and take your time absorbing the flow of information

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