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Sarah Key, founder & director of Sarah Key Global (Australia) Pty Ltd, has probably written (and spoken) more on back pain & 
back pain prevention than just about anyone else on the planet! 

Now long established as a clear voice in the world of back pain, Sarah has written countless newspaper and magazine articles and given dozens of radio, television and print media interviews.

Listed below are some of the many articles Sarah has written over the years on all aspects of back pain and its prevention. Often in answer to frequently-asked-questions, they respond to everyday queries common to us all.

Recently, she has developed a series of self-help videos for back pain.  She has also written 5 books on back pain, details of which are below. 

back pain Tips and Pain Prevention articles 

Sleep and Rest

The Best Bed for Back Pain

The Value of Bed Rest for Back Pain

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Children And The Spine

How to Stop Your School Age Children Developing Spinal Problems

Working With Computers

The Horrors of Computer Posture

How To Sit at a Computer - for children and adults

What Can You Do About Computer Back?

Travel and The Back

How to Sit in a car

Long Distance Truck Driver Back Pain

Prevention of Shearers' Back Pain

sarah's books

The first of Sarah's popular books was published in 1986. There are now four books, all currently in print and one eBook 'Be Careful of back Surgery'. You can click here to read some of the latest reviews of her market leading book 'Back Sufferers' Bible'.

See below for details of where to order the books from Amazon USA and for Australian readers.

sarah's websites

And Sarah now has four websites to cater for different needs: for patients to her Sydney clinic (where international patients are most surely welcome) about her 'Back-in-a-Weeks' in stunningly different rural destinations 'holidays to fix your back' and 'Good Health Getaways' Sarah's pro-active health holidays. Both types of health vacations take place the UK, Italy and Australia. promoting her 'Masterclasses for Physiotherapists' and physios getting together on the information exchange forum.

This site - - as an educational resource on back pain for patients and professionals alike. 

We hope you enjoy the good read!

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