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This back pain audio is recorded live by renowned back specialist Sarah Key, author of 'The Back Sufferer's Bible' and 'Body in Action'. She takes you through her effective self-help treatment exercises for prevention and cure of back pain. 

Explanations of what the class contains are below, and you can read about why the BackBlock exercises work on many of the pages of this site. 

Sarah Key says: "One of the most frequent requests from patients attending my Back-in-a-Weeks is a recording of my voice taking them through the BackBlock class at the end of each day.

Broadly speaking, there are three different types of spinal exercises that I go through in the class, all part of the Sarah Key method for treating lower back pain. These are:


·      Spinal appeasing exercises to relieve the back pain


·      Spinal decompression exercises to pull the spinal segments apart


·      Spinal strengthening exercises to stabilise and support the lower back


Sarah's voice cues will take you quietly through each step, with no angst and no need to hurry. It’s a long recording in the real-time of a class. It will give you everything you need to know in full measure: what each exercise should feel like, how hard you should push it, how long to rest in between, how much pain you should feel, what’s a good pain and what’s a bad, how to get the rhythm of each exercise right and when to progress to the next stage.

Here is the longer version of the class, complete with breathing and relaxation exercises, interspersed with spinal appeasing, decompression and strengthening.

Remember that in doing this class you have to switch off and relax and sign yourself over to the moment. Take your watch off and go with it. Remember, there’s no hurry here!

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Do-It-Yourself Spinal Decompression Class Long - MP3/1 hour  - AUD $1.95

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If you just want to do the BackBlock for the lower and upper back and get off to bed or get on with your day, here’s the shorter version:

Do-It-Yourself Spinal Decompression Class Short - MP3/30 Mins - AUD $.95

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