back pain exercises

You've got to know what you're doing with back pain exercises. Exercising willy-nilly will not fix a bad back. There's right exercises - and wrong ones  - and you might as well get it right. 

Lots of people are happy to go along by their osteopath or chiropractor to have their back clicked every month (some even sign up for a year for a discount) but this is never going to be the answer. Or at least, not the lastingly the answer. To broaden the beneficial effects of each hands-on treatment you have to be doing your own stuff too.


1. Appeasing the spine, or calming things down

2. Decompressing to restore accessory movement of the segments 

3. Spinal and abdominal muscle strengthening

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A recent email from one of Sarah's readers: 

"I must say that since I have had the back block that my back has improved ten fold!  The few times I have had issues, I am able to address them myself and I haven't had to run off to my chiropractor since, therefore I have saved lots of dollars already! -- Thank YOU!"

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