Beginner Yoga For Back Pain - A Video By Sarah Key

Headstand Yoga Pose

Don't worry! You don't have to stand on your head to get the best from Sarah Key's beginner yoga for back pain routine. For your back pain relief, here is the distilled wisdom on back pain exercises from one of the pros in the field. A graduated yoga regime of carefully chosen spine stretching exercises and low back strengthening exercises to deal swiftly and surely with lower back pain. 


1. Re-establishes length, strength and suppleness to muscles and ligaments

2. Starts restoring the ‘hidden’ accessory movements to all the body's joints

3. Aids nutrition of joint cartilage & the spine’s discs through weighted on-off movement 

Beginner Yoga Routine Video Graphic

It's one thing to know that yoga works. It's another thing to know why. Download this informative video; a discourse on the multiple benefits for yoga generally - and specifically yoga for low back pain. 


  1. The Wiggly Wagglies to wake up the deep spinal muscles

  2. Knees Rocking to stretch the disc wall and open the lumbar facet joints

  3. Butt Lifts or Segmental Bridging to strengthen deep spinal muscles

  4.  On the BackBlock essential spinal decompression for lower back pain

  5.  Knees Rocking to ease tense spinal muscles & soften the back of the pelvis

  6. Reverse Curls for the best Lower abs strengthening

  7. Spinal Rolling to co-ordinate trunk muscle control 

  8. On the Thoracic BackBlock: the best exercise for middle back pain

  9. Angel's Wings on upper BackBlock to mobilise thorax & shoulders

  10. Rusty Bible to stretch the pectorals and open the chest

Remember, yoga is very sophisticated in the way it works. Seemingly innocuous exercises can be very subtle and come from multiple directions in working a painful part. In a sense, this tricks the body into bypassing its familiar defence mechanisms, so that unwittingly you forget to protect in that familiar way. 

Here's a Snapshot of sarah Key's Beginner yoga Routine For Back Pain Relief

Knees to Chest

The easy yoga poses outlined below start to address problems caused by sedentary lifestyles, repetitive patterns of movement and becoming enfeebled by lack of physical activity. A proper beginners yoga routine introduces the skeleton to the forgotten freedoms - and in so doing, keeps our joints young.

Stretching over a Sarah Key backblock

Spinal Rolling

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