Brief back pain videos
for the time poor

This set of 6 'Brief Back Pain Videos For The Time Poor' by Sarah Key, author of 'The Back Sufferers' Bible', will guide you through effective self-treatment for your pain. 

So, What's in Each of the Time Poor Videos?

1. Why Your Back Might be Painful

In this modern era, establishing the causes of low back pain is like the search for the holy grail. In this short 7 minute video Sarah hypothesises the most likely explanation for ’non-specific low back pain’ the category which 90% of lower back pain sufferers find themselves in. Quite complex anatomy and disc physiology is explained in her usual down to earth language that any old Jo Blow can understand.

2. Getting Yourself Out of Pain

This is the burning issue that electrifies the minds of most sufferers. Most would love to understand their own problem; more to the point, they’d like to be master of their own destiny in getting rid of it. In this small video Sarah explains that getting rid of acute back pain and dealing with the chronic causes of it are two different things ~ and that you can’t run before you can walk. First you must deal with acute muscle spasm and the guarding responses of your back before you can deal with the underlying causes.

3. Your Mind Matters

There’s no doubt, when you get stuck in a cycle of chronic back pain something strange happens to your mind. The effect of mind on body with lower back pain has a profound effect on how easily, how soon, or indeed whether you ever get better at all in recovering from lower back pain. This video takes you though the influence of your higher centres, as we understand it, of your psyche (mind) on your soma (body).

4. What You Can Do Yourself Hands-On

This is a unique piece of footage showing Sarah using her hands on her own back. She explains how spinal mobilisation self-treatment is not necessarily easy, nor for everyone. But if you can master this art ~ albeit quite artlessly ~ you will touch your own pain and quite literally be more ‘in touch’ with what’s wrong and where things are wrong. This small victory can be an enlightening breakthrough.

5. Bending and Moving Normally Again

This too is an important video where Sarah explains the propensity, and the folly, of people not bending and keeping their back rigid in the misguided belief they’re doing what’s best ~ and therefore doing their back good. Bending is carefully explained for both its safety and its necessity in allowing us to become proper functioning and pain-free human beings.

6. Decompressing Your Spine

Brief Back Pain Video Package Graphic


This is the pointy end, where everybody needs to be at in managing and self-treating their own spinal problems. Sarah explains that whatever’s wrong ~ lower back pain, cervical spine neck pain, spinal scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, sacrum pain ~ that easing the spinal segments apart is the first step in divesting yourself of pain. She also explains that unlike the gymnasium culture and the fitness industry, this is not a process that can be hurried, and that in most instances less-is-more.

But you Might Also Buy The Whole Set

For those of a scientific mind, who would prefer longer and more in-depth explanations, see the Complete Back Pain Video Package.

The complete package contains 14 videos, covering the causes of back pain, relief of acute pain, and long term treatment options.  Don't be afraid to buy both and you will learn how to look after your back for life! 

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