Lumbar Facet Syndrome Video 

Very common in back-world is one-sided back pain and sciatica. This 'Lumbar Facet  Syndrome' video takes you carefully through self-treatment of this common affliction, demonstrating some hitherto unseen exercises Sarah now uses routinely. 

THE  lumbar facet syndrome video

Self treatment of Lumbar Facet Syndrome


This Lumbar Facet Syndrome video contains:

  • The basic anatomy of the spine
  • The role of the facet joints
  • The causes of facet joint breakdown
  • The different degrees of pathology in lumbar facet syndrome
  • Typical facet joint pain
  • Treating lumbar facet syndrome
  • Self treatment for a lumbar facet syndrome
  • The 5 essential self-treatment exercises 

The video will show you an important set of exercises specifically for lumbar facet syndrome, including  using a humble pair of leather gloves as the best way of mobilising an inflamed and thickened facet joint. 

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