ma roller

The Ma Roller helps loosen facet joints that have become thickened and immobile through the inflammatory process. The facets are situated approximately 1.5 cm out from the spinous processes, which are the central knobs you can see through the skin running down the back. The Roller is designed to roll over this bilateral chain of joints, from the base of the skull to the top of the sacrum. It is like a convoluted rolling pin, with two smoothly rounded prominences either side of a central gully, which comfortably pummel these sensitive joints. Using the Ma Roller is the single most effective way of treating facet problems yourself.

Ma Roller

how to use the ma roller

You can use the Ma Roller for your lumbar joints by placing it under your low back, lowering your weight down on to it and then minutely moving back and forth.  Each problem joint emits a shrill discomfort as you roll over it. Depending on its degree of tightness, each joint gives out a different type of pain, almost like a differently pitched musical note. As each sore spot takes turn being pressured you feel a sort of ‘sweet pain’ which is almost a pleasure! However, this in itself is a problem.

The Ma Roller is tough medicine and can easily be over-used. It should never be used willy-nilly, and certainly not if the back is acutely painful. The Ma Roller should be used for no more than 60 seconds at a time and no more than once a week.

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