Want to Know how to relieve Acute back pain Yourself

exercises showing how to relieve acute back pain are critically important. If you can achieve success here you will never be frightened of your back again. 

getting any back better is not all go-go-go full speed ahead. if a spine is in deep crisis it's not the time for relentless pro-activity. the back needs to calmed and soothed, mainly to persuade over-active spinal muscles to relax.  this will not be achieved if you are too gung-ho!

getting a painful back better is all about rate. this usually means activity phases followed by rest, rather like an athlete training for a major tournament. it’s all about activity, then rest, regroup and setting out again. 

sarah key describes relieving acute back pain as 'spinal appeasing' 

 ‘Listen’ to what your back is telling you

In acute crisis, the gentle appeasing exercises may go on for days, even weeks on end. When a back is literally rigid with pain it makes things worse to keep stretching and strengthening it. This applies most to sciatica relief exercises where you try to stretch the nerve itself or the hamstrings muscle. It also applies to a back rigid with spasm, where it’s excruciating to make any move.

How to relieve acute Back pain with 'knees rocking'

'Rocking the knees' is so soporific it should almost send you to sleep. It's best to have the ankles crossed and knees wide to avoid the hips pinching

These are small-range oscillatory movements with the hands rocking the knees at a rate of slightly faster than 1 cycle/second (1Hz). This creates a sort of soothing or lulling rhythm that the body likes. It is barely an ‘exercise’ because it is so gentle and relaxing you’re struggling to keep awake.

The tempo of this exercise is like rocking a baby to sleep in a pram

How to relieve acute back pain by 'spinal rolling'

Having the legs almost straight with 'spinal rolling' brings you down lower over the lower spinal segments. Make small excursions up & down

With 'spinal rolling' you hold behind the knees and let your legs fall out out almost straight to make it easy to balance. Then you tip backwards and forwards up and down your lumbar spine making small movements. Don't do it with too much gusto or you will be less effective at getting the back muscles to switch off.

This exercise is very effective at breaking up lumbar brittleness while at the same time encouraging better coordination of the back and front (abdominal) muscles. Don't sit right up on your bottom between rolls; make sure to keep the movements small, staying on your lower back only.

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