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Sarah Key is one of the world's leading experts and authors in the treatment of back pain. Alongside her Sydney Physiotherapy Centre and internationally renowned online store, Sarah runs breakthrough health retreats on proactive health and back pain management. Sarah also teaches and is a Fellow of the University of Salford in the UK. 


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Highly ranked by Google: A wealth of information on backs, treatment and everything else for sufferers

Sarah Key treatment centres in country New South Wales and Cornwall

Sarah Key proactive health retreats the 'The Good Health Getaways' and
'Back-in-a-Weeks' & 'Back-in-a-Night-or-Two' held in Cornwall, Tuscany and Australia


Sarah gives Sarah Key Talks to corporate and community groups about avoiding back problems. She explains the dynamics of sitting and computer use and how this can be dealt with effectively with spinal decompression and other forms of self treatment. To enquire, email


Sarah also runs training programs for graduate physiotherapists through her virtual school Problem Back Masterclasses . She holds Practical Adjuncts to her webinars at University of Salford in the UK and at her Sydney clinic several times a year.  You can read here some insights from Sarah. 


'Fernleigh' is the five-star country annexe to the Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre in downtown Sydney. This beautiful grazing property in wild hill country of the Upper Hunter River is where Sarah Key and her husband farm and where she holds her fabulous Sarah Key Health Vacation Back-in-a-Week; a holiday to fix your back.  The same programs are run once a year at Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall


Sarah Key's online store provides back treatment kits to go with her bestselling books. The store also includes a comprehensive video library, which allows you to download and follow your own self-treatment programs in the peace and comfort of your own home. The store also sells Sarah's famous spinal decompression device, the simple-is-genius BackBlock


1. The Causes of Back Pain 

The slow sequence of breakdown: compression, dehydration, degeneration

2. Instant Back Pain Relief 

What to do when you're struck down in crisis, when every move is agony

3. Long Term Back Pain Treatment 

When out of acute pain, you need to deal with your problem going forward

4. The Complete Back Pain Relief Video Package 

Just what it says; consists of all 14 videos from the above 3 packages

5. Brief Back Pain Videos For The Time Poor 

Six brilliant short videos previously sold as Sarah Key's Back App

6. Back Pain Exercises 

A  leisurely real-time regime using the BackBlock for the upper and lower back

7. Lower Back Strengthening Exercises 

Explaining why the lower back gets weak and overcoming that fragile rigidity

8. Upper Back Strengthening Exercises 

Mobilising and strengthening the upper back to cope with the computer age

9. Exercises for Tall People With Back Pain 

Why tall people have different problems and the best way to treat them

10. Physical Therapy for Sciatica 

The three different causes of acute & chronic leg pain and best self treatment

11. Physical Therapy for Scoliosis 

All about how common spinal scoliosis is and how effectively you can treat it

12. Beginner Yoga for Lower Back Pain 

The simple principles of yoga and what makes it ideal for treating lower backs

13. Lumbar Facet Syndrome 

A whole pages dedicated to unilateral back/leg pain, also known as 'facet joint arthropathy'

14. Sitting to Avoid Back Pain

Our sedentary nemesis that both causes and worsens back problems

15. Unilateral Partial Sacralisation (aka Bertolotti's Syndrome)

Complexities unravelled about this common congenital disorder - and how to treat

16. Preventing Knee Arthritis 

All about joint cartilage, how the knee works and arthritis prevention exercises

But it's this interview with Doug Cary, the founder of AAP Education that perhaps best summarises Sarah's very full career, both form early days ("what made you study Physiotherapy?), to how she might have done things differently ("any things you might have done wrongly?") to the three standout high points in a career (having patients listen to me and do as I say, having my first book published, being summoned to treat The Queen).

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