sarah key self treatment package

Your Tool Kit for a Healthier Back

Treat yourself to a complete Sarah Key Self Treatment Package and look forward to a healthier back!  This handy kit is the best possible thing you can give yourself.

What's in the Kit?

The kit includes TWO tools from the Sarah Key Method

  1. Sarah's Blue Back Block
  2. The Ma Roller

AND your choice of ONE of Sarah's books

  1. The Back Sufferers’ Bible
  2. The Body In Action (aka Keep Your Joints Young)
  3. Back In Action

Read the product description of each book to decide which book is best for you. 


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WARNING: You may be tempted to buy all three of Sarah's books and that's okay. We encourage it. They are THAT beneficial to your back health.

how to get the best out of your self treatment package

When patients go home from the Back-in-a-Week I always suggest they find a sacrosanct space in a corner somewhere to keep their book and back tools with their yoga mat, ready to do their exercises.

Choose a physical space like a corner in the sun to retreat to and do your gentle little back-wellness program.

Evening is the best time to do your exercises, if it's not too hectic. But the space itself should be inviolate, where your back kit resides, not quite centre stage but, well, pretty out there and prominent, so that it’s part of your day-to-day life – and so that you don’t lapse!

IMPORTANT: Always do the Ma Roller last in the routine, literally at the end of your 15-20 minute session, before you get up. The spine is softer and more relaxed by then and it doesn’t hurt as much. But go carefully with this tool. It is pretty painful and should not be used for more than about 60 seconds at a time. Only that.


Your Back Will Thank You!

Getting It Right makes a difference!

Sarah Demonstrates How To Do The Exercises
And Use The Tools In Her Videos

There's no doubt about it, you will get the best out of your program by watching Sarah show you on video. Remember, doing your exercises themselves should be like a sort of physical meditation, where you go back and forth between one step and the other; one action blending into the next as a sort of continuum. For the 'knees rocking' exercise in particular the rate, or rhythm, is the all-important thing; it should almost send you to sleep!

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