Sarah Key Heel Wedges and Raises

Sarah Key Heel Wedges and Raises

Sarah Key Heel Wedges

These superbly handcrafted heel wedges are made of cork and covered with pig skin.

The wedge comes in 3 sizes, small medium and large.

It is made with the higher edge on the inner side, or the outer side, under the heel. You have to be sure which side of the heel you place it, for which leg.

With a more bowed leg at the knee for example, the wedge is placed under the outside of the heel, and vice versa with a knock-kneed leg. The rise of the wedge is minimal (only a few millimetres) to carefully re-direct the forces through the knee and to make the femoral condyles track back and forth over different terrain of the cartilage bed on the tibial plateau.

Please note heel wedges are not suitable for use in high heels or sandals

Please refer to this image for the correct prescription:

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sarah key heel raises

This simple device is worn under the heel of a shorter leg to minimise a leg length discrepancy. It is made of cork (to minimise jarring of heel strike) and covered with pig skin. It non-adhesive and can be slipped easily from shoe to shoe.

The raise is not meant to correct the leg length to the nearest millimetre (since this causes more problems than it solves), rather it is meant to pale out the leg length difference, while the body’s architecture adjusts. The raise can be used in either left or right shoe and varies in height between 2 and 4 mm. It is best suited to lace-up shoes and not at all suitable for high-heeled shoes.

Here is the side view of the heel raise:

Sarah Key Heel Raise

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