spine disorders

What are the different spine disorders?

Broadly speaking spine disorders fall into four different categories. This is only a loose guide, since most spinal conditions are either developmental (acquired through subtle breakdown caused by the borderline viability of discs) or a complex amalgam of developmental conditions superimposed on traumatic, inflammatory and congenital. 

Click each link below to read about each one:

•    Degenerative Spine Disorders (acquired slowly through breakdown)

        Stiff Spinal Segment: The pre-pathological disorder to DDD

        Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD

        Facet Joint Arthropathy

        Spinal Stenosis 

        The Acute Locked Back

        The Prolapsed or 'Slipped' Disc

        Lumbar Instability

Traumatic Spine Disorders (accidental mishap)

       Spine Compression Fractures

       Vertebral Endplate Rupture

       Spondylolysis or Pars Defect

       Micro trauma of the outer disc wall

•    Inflammatory Spine Disorders (systemic illnesses)

       Rheumatoid Arthritis

       Ankylosing Spondylitis

•    Congenital Spine Disorders (inherited from birth)


        Spinal Stenosis

        Lumbarisation and Sacralisation


The world of bad backs is littered with startling diagnoses, usually made on the basis of X-ray, MRI or CT scans

For more information on spine disorders see 'Causes of Back Pain Video Package'

*Ref: 'The fall of the postural–structural–biomechanical model in manual and physical therapies: Exemplified by lower back pain' Eyal Lederman CPDO Ltd., 15 Harberton Road, London N19 3JS, UK

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