survey of back pain self treatment

Some of you may like to chart your progress with using the BackBlock. This simple survey of back pain self treatment will show you how.

We too, are always very interested in how you’re going with treatment, whether you have been treated by Sarah herself, one of her trained practitioners in Australia or elsewhere around the world, or simply whether you’ve made progress yourself by reading Sarah's books, or quietly watching the videos at home and using the famous BackBlock.

We'd love your feedback (Sarah reads all of them)! So take a minute or two to answer these 10 simple questions on how you're going with the BackBlock.

Now might Be The Time for Some Extra Reading . . 

Scientific Evidence Base for Using the BackBlock
Believe it or not, when doing your simple 3-step BackBlock routine, it helps to turn your gaze inward and focus on what should be happening inside your back. You can read here about the 

Why The BackBlock Works 
All going well, you will become addicted to the BackBlock and doing it every day. A lot will pass through your mind, and you simply cannot have enough information. Here's another page on 

'The Benefits of Spinal Decompression'
Many people ask if there's not another set of more arduous and complex exercises to move on to. There may be for other aspects of spinal care, but not for decompression. After all, gravity is ever-present. Read here about 

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