Spinal Scoliosis Treatment Video
By Sarah Key

This must-watch video on spinal scoliosis treatment takes you carefully through the ins and outs of this common spinal condition. It is refreshingly informative and uplifting; mandatory viewing for anyone with even a hint of the problem. 

This video on spinal curvature may mark the turning point in your search for the cure



  1. Relaxing spasm of the intercostal muscles between the ribs

  2. Manual mobilisation to un-twist the spinal segments

  3. Lumbar spinal decompression in supine using the BackBlock under the pelvis

  4. Thoracic spinal decompression in supine using the BackBlock

  5. Thoracic decompression in side lying to reduce the spinal convexity

  6. Long spinal muscles thoracic strengthening exercises

  7. Strengthening of the deep spinal rotatores muscles

  8. Handstands, the ultimate scoliosis strengthening exercise

Sarah explains how gravity causes the spine to twist and buckle when the spine leaves the relative stability of upright posture. This happens more with advancing years as fitness levels reduce. 

In a bygone era, scoliosis treatment relied on static correction using a a plaster of Paris scoliosis cast over many months. Sarah explains her more dynamic approach that broadly consists of loosening, stretching and strengthening the spine in the lumbar and thoracic areas. 

Sarah Key's Video on Spinal Scoliosis Treatment
is Dynamism Plus!

Manually mobilising the scoliotic spinal segments frees them incrementally to un-twist. Stretching the spine (spinal decompression) pulls compressed spinal segments apart. Straightening the spine involves opening out the concave lumbar curve by stretching it laterally. Straightening techniques also involve lateral pressures on the the convex curve in the thoracic area using the BackBlock. 

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